Monthly newsletter for November, 2022.

This month

  • Created flashcards for all existing notes

    One of the reasons Why I write notes is to remember what I’ve learned. In the past, I wasn’t diligent about creating flashcards when adding a new note. As a result, there were hundreds of notes with missing or inadequate flashcards. My main goal for this month was to fill in the gaps and I succeeded!

  • Assorted improvements to

    1. Switched the theme from PaperMod (a) to PaperModX (a) for sidebar support
    2. Fixed broken Google Analytics
    3. Dark mode by default

Next month

  • Catch up on flashcard review backlog

    I have >400 outstanding flashcards. Reviewing them all at once wouldn’t just hurt now, it would hurt forever as from time to time I’d see a similarly-sized spike of due flashcards. I’ll do 50-100 per day to spread them out.

    This is important as I want to review new flashcards soon after creating them. Creating a flashcard on Monday and first seeing it in review on the following Monday is a poor learning experience. I’m holding off on creating new flashcards until I get through the backlog.