• Learn the things you’re interested in learning. You can learn more than what you’re told to learn by teachers and professors – you can drive your own learning (related: There’s no speed limit)
  • Attend university courses while in high school, or earlier, and earn credit at both levels (i.e. credit for the high school course you’re in and the university course you’d otherwise need to take in N years)


Hire a researcher or expert consultant

I hired a researcher (Elizabeth Van Nostrand, whom you can and should hire too) to help write this very post, which is largely about how to hire people to do things!

They can:

  • Help validate whether a crazy idea is possible
  • Do epistemic spot checks of your work
  • Map the landscape of opinions on a topic
  • Write literature surveys
  • Find people worth talking to about a potential topic and writing briefs about them
  • Opposition or market research
  • Find options for big purchases like houses or insurance
  • Compile datasets
  • Find un-Googleable things

(Cvitkovic 2023)



Cvitkovic, Milan. 2023. “Things You’re Allowed to Do.”