Create video journal entries (by yourself or as a group) to capture important recent experiences.

My wife’s best friend recommended we try this on our honeymoon and it was the best gift she’s given us. We have a half-dozen or so videos which capture details we’ve since forgotten and bring us right back to a particular day of travel when we watch them together!


  1. <4 minutes (see Write prolifically, write succinctly)

    Take a few minutes before recording, if necessary, to think about what you want to include. Write them down if that helps!

  2. Record as soon after the event as possible — ideally while you’re still on location!


I keep a written journal for daily “mundane” entries. These video journals are higher-fidelity and can easily involve more than just myself. I try to use them with that in mind. The primary way I use them is periodically, to track a particular thing over time:

  • Every night while on a trip
  • Every week while you’re working on a home renovation project to see how it evolved
  • Every month with your children as they’re growing up

I haven’t done so yet, but I could see creating ad-hoc entries as well:

  • You figured out a new recipe
  • Finished decorating for a party
  • Adopting a new pet
  • Moving into a new home
  • Birth in the family