A damp box is a humid container in which to store in-progress claywork. You are creating a makeshift version of this every time you put a plastic bag over an incomplete piece. The advantange of a damp box is that you can do this without the hassle of the plastic bag, or the potential surface marring it can cause.

(Armadillo Clay n.d.)

Be aware of Lime popping which can occur if chunks of plaster get into your clay.

Build a damp box


  1. Plastic container
  2. Enough plaster to form a 1-3 inch ((Lesley 2019), (Yarnell n.d.)) layer on the bottom of your plastic container


  1. Mix the plaster

    Refer to the instructions provided by plaster provider.

  2. Pour the plaster and wait for it to dry


Add some water to the plaster, then add your clay and close the lid to seal in the moisture.


Store with the lid off to avoid mold growth.