Cedric Chin, (Chin 2020)


This is a summary of summaries and will necessarily omit some interesting details. Use this to determine whether you want to read the whole series.

How to become an expert.


  1. Cedric Chin | Why Tacit Knowledge Is More Important Than Deliberate Practice
    • Tacit knowledge is more useful than deliberate practice when the subject you’re trying to learn isn’t “well defined”. “… deliberate practice is defined as possible only in domains with a long history of well-established pedagogy. In other words, deliberate practice can only exist in fields like music and math and chess.”
    • Tacit knowledge in action looks like a long list of caveats
  2. Cedric Chin | Copying Better: How To Acquire The Tacit Knowledge of Experts
  3. Cedric Chin | The Three Kinds of Tacit Knowledge
  4. Cedric Chin | How to Use YouTube to Learn Tacit Knowledge
    • YouTube, and video in general, is a wealth of tacit knowledge (e.g. Pottery). Seek out a combination of instructional and videos where an expert is doing the thing you’re learning.
  5. Cedric Chin | An Easier Method for Extracting Tacit Knowledge
  6. Cedric Chin | The Tricky Thing About Creating Training Programs
  7. Cedric Chin | An Extracted Tacit Mental Model of Business Expertise



  • The final entry in the series is also the first in another series. This is a clever way to lead readers along between sequences/series. The two series are distinct enough that they can stand alone but connected enough that someone who reads one is likely to also want to read the other.


Chin, Cedric. 2020. “The Tacit Knowledge Series.” Commoncog. https://commoncog.com/the-tacit-knowledge-series/.