Kanehito Yamada, (Yamada 2022)


The journey after a journey. A reflection on relationships and time, love, loss, entropy, and the melancholy of long life.


  • Potential spoiler: I think the ending will be a “the real solution was the journey and the friends made along the way”. Flamme’s way of helping Frieren will have been to force her on another difficult quest on which she’ll bond with and form friendships with her adventure party. I think such an ending is appropriate because her goal is exactly that — to bond and learn about the people around her.
  • One of my Favorites.
  • I enjoy the montage pages Yamada includes without dialog (example of a montage page)

Relate this to Heiter’s quote (in flashback?) about only pretending to be an adult for Fern

Adulthood Is a Mirage (a)



  • A spell to flip pancakes perfectly

Chapter 1

Chapter 78

Chapter 79

Chapter 80

Chapter 82

Chapter 107

Chapter 108


Yamada, Kanehito. 2022. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. Volume 1. Translated by Misa. Shonen Sunday edition. San Francisco, CA: VIZ Media, LLC.

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