I may reformat this note by compressing in into a larger one or splitting it up further. It’s the best place I have for the moment.

In no particular order:

  • Community, social skills, comraderie, networking, friends
  • Access to speicfic people, resources, tools, clubs, networks, etc
    • This can include the education itself, though most of that is available without attending a university
  • Signaling (see Bryan Caplan | The Case against Education); employers are more interested in those with a degree
  • External motivation or accountability; some people benefit more from external pressures (e.g. tests, assignments, an actual instructor who looks them in the eye) than others

Why not attend?

Note that there’s nothing stopping you from attending a university and driving your own education. It’ll take more work but it’s possible. You don’t only have to learn things that you’re told to learn.