Intake form for new projects, or at least projects to which I’m new.

Include things like:

  • A three-sentence description of the project
  • Who are 1-3 others who (1) understand and (2) can speak to the importance of the project and (3) my importance in the project landing?
    • The opinion of these individuals should “matter”. That is, ideally they’re one or two promotion levels above me.
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • Why is this project worth our time?
    • Why does this project matter?
    • Phrase in terms of arguing the importance of the project to a L+3 who doesn’t have prior context
  • What is the timeline? What are the deadlines?
    • What confidence level do we give this timeline?
    • Are there sub-timelines?
      • Assign confidence level
    • For an existing project: Have we had timelines in the past which we’ve already overshot?
  • How do we define success for this project?
  • What are the milestones?
    • Associated deadlines?
    • How do we define success for this milestone?
    • Can more than one person work on the milestones in parallel?
  • What is the last 1%/10% of the project? (see below)

Also see Split “Lessons learned” into nodes.

Stages of a project

  • First 10%: Understand: the project, scope, stakeholders, requirements, etc
  • 80%: Do: the project (e.g. launch)
  • Last 10%: Finish: All the finishing details

The Last 1% (a)

Stopping at 90% (a)

How deliver results quickly (a)