Predictable behavior is a boon in the types of relationships I want to cultivate. I aspire to act predictably because:

  • It eases the mental burden on those around me

    Friends, children, family, co-workers, peers, etc, don’t have to wonder how I’ll react or how I’ll behave. They can trust in a consistent version of who I am.

  • It’s corelated with reliability

  • It implies, at least for me, good communication

    I’ve communicated what I think, feel, and what my intentions are and predictability is the following-up on those promises.

Predictable parenting


  • Only say things you’re comfortable standing behind; don’t bluff
  • Don’t make unnecessary commitments
  • Use fewer, more general, rules
  • Follow through on what you said

See Jeff Kaufman | How to Parent More Predictably