Author of Slate Star Codex (a) and Astral Star Codex (a). (a) (a)

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I’ve engaged with their writing as much as I have because:

  • Their posts have introduced me to concepts and ways of thinking I hadn’t previously known about
  • Their writing style is enjoyable to read, for me at least. It feels conversational.
  • They came broadly recommended by groups I had previously frequented (e.g. hackernews)

That said, I want to emphasize both that (1) my enjoyment of some of their work doesn’t imply that I agree with their entire body of work and (2) I don’t identify with the community they broadly fit into (Rationalists; related: LessWrong). I’d say this is true for everything I document in this notebook. The authors I’ve found which appear to sit beneath the “Rationalist” banner have been the source of a lot of good learning for me: